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Hope woman charged with battery

By Kevin McKinnon, 12/26/12 8:56 PM
Meghan L. Gentry

Meghan L. Gentry

A Hope woman was charged with battery following an incident with a family member on Christmas day.

Meghan L. Gentry, 22, was arrested at 168 Hempstead 184 around 2 p.m. Tuesday after Deputy Charlie Featherson was called there on a family disturbance.

Upon his arrival, a female family member told Deputy Featherston that Gentry was inside the house yelling. Another female family member told the deputy that Gentry came by to get her car key. The family member says Gentry became angry when she refused to give her the key because her driver’s license is suspended.

The victim, also a female, says that when she told Gentry to calm down, she scratched her across her face and kicked her in the lower part of her body.

Gentry was charged with Domestic Battery Third Degree and taken to the Hempstead County Detention Center to await a first court appearance.