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Unusual items reported stolen in Hempstead County

By Kevin McKinnon, 01/7/13 3:23 PM

These items are not the items stolen, but only similar in appearance.

Some unusual items were reported stolen in Hempstead County last month. Hempstead County Deputy Michael Braddock investigated a burglary at Hempstead 1210 on December 27th.

The residents there reported the theft of a belly button ring with a black rose hanging off the bottom stud; a belly button ring with a red rose hanging off the stud; a red, yellow and green belly button ring with a marijuana leaf hanging off the stud; bracelets made from sewn together leaves with a wooden peace sign on them; black earrings with green stones in the shape of marijuana leaves; along with other jewelry items, some Corona Extra glasses and DVD’s.

The victims say they left the residence on December 15th and returned on December 17th to discover that someone had entered their home and stolen the items.

The Sheriff’s Department was unable to located any forced entry into the residence.

Anyone with information on this crime is encouraged to contact the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Department at 870-777-6727.