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No gun on man that led to school lockdown

By Kevin McKinnon, 02/6/13 8:59 PM
Photo by Jesse Evans

Photo by Jesse Evans

Police now believe that the person who caused a lock-down of Hope schools Tuesday was not carrying a gun.

The Hope Police Department says it has identified the person who stopped by the New Tech Building on the HHS campus around 10 a.m. Tuesday. Assistant Chief Kim Tomlin stated, “It seems that the individual in question, who was from out-of-town, was scheduled to attend a workshop on the UACCH campus at 10 a.m. He was not able to locate the college campus and stopped to obtain directions. UACCH officers confirmed that this person attended the workshop.”

HPD statement on school lock-down investigation

Police Chief J.R. Wilson says the man did not have a gun tucked into his waist as a student had thought when school administrators were alerted Tuesday. And while the man was not armed, Chief Wilson wants to thank the student for being alert and reporting the incident.

“I want to thank the young people who observed this event and passed on information they genuinely believed to be accurate and occurring at the time,” says Wilson. “This is exactly what they should have done. Notifying Police early of potentially threatening events is very important. This affords police the best opportunity to conduct successful emergency response and prevent problems.”

Chief Wilson says that before his department could investigate whether the man really had a gun or not, it had to take immediate measures to ensure there was no threat. Hope schools were locked down for about 40 minutes while police searched each building at the high school. UACCH was also locked down as police swept that campus.

Chief Wilson says no charges are anticipated in the incident.