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Bee hive removed from Hope home

By Jesse Evans, 05/7/13 8:26 AM

Photo by Jesse Evans (More photos below)

Local remodelers recently discovered they weren’t the only ones busy at work in a house on Hope’s South Main Street. The thousands of honey bees that had taken up residency in an exterior wall of the home were going to be a problem for the construction crew and the home’s future occupants.

To solve the problem, Southwest Arkansas Beekeepers Extension Homemakers Club(SWABEC) was called in to transplant the hive. The group regularly moves hives to their own property where they can thrive without conflict with people.

Jane Collums of SWABEC says beekeepers will remove any honey bee hive at no charge. They encourage people to call them rather than destroying the beehives.

According to numerous reports, the number of honey bees has dwindled dramatically in recent years. Collums said this is a major problem because the bees are essential for the pollination of much of our food supply. She stresses that it is crucial that we do what we can to preserve them.

The property owner on South Main said the bees had been living in the house for at least the last five years. They were were relocated to Collums’ property.

For those who are interested in having honey bees removed from their property or who want to learn more about bees and beekeeping, the Southwest Arkansas Beekeepers meet on the second Monday of every month at 6 p.m. at the Extension Homemakers’ House located on 2nd Street directly behind the Howard County Courthouse in Nashville. You can also call James Lamb at 870-826-4103 or Jane Collums at 870-703-7745 or connect with them on Facebook.