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Hope Public School District Releases Statement On HHS Fights

By Donna Potter, 01/18/17 3:12 PM

HOPE – Almost 24 hours after Hope High School experienced numerous fights between students in the office, cafeteria and a classroom, the Hope Public School District has released the following statement:

“The police presence on the Hope High School campus Tuesday was in response to an altercation between two students that was handled according to district policy.”

Hope Police Department Officers as well as Hempstead County Deputies responded to the call for aid by the School Resource Officer (SRO) shortly after noon.

Three separate videos, taken by another student, quickly went viral, area wide. The videos show several young women fighting each other and a young man facing off with the SRO. HHS staff, as well as the responding officers, were able to separate the fighting parties. It is not known if any arrests were made.

  • Eric Alfonzo Mays

    These dummies need to try and get an education. Schools are for education and preparing one for the future. Undesirable students should stay away and prepare for state prison or the grave yard. That’s the only places their going to end up, if they don’t change that rebellious attitude. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior from the students. And filming to put it on social media is dumb, stupid and ignorant. Stop making us look bad. It’s hard enough to live in this world and not be judged by what some stupid ones do. Students need to act like they have some sense.

    • Liz Hill

      I agree! Sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders. Keep on with the positive notes.. You’ll go far in life. God bless you.

  • Liz Hill

    Clearly these idiots belong in a “cage” because their acting like animals. This is just not acceptable at all. Also, I’m going to venture off to say none of these kids have parents that are “hands on” because I promise you this much, had I acted like this when i was a child in school, trust you me.. 53 years later, i’d still not be able to sit on my hinny. My daddy would have wooped the pooh out of any one of his 8 children who got caught up in this type of garbage. SMH… this is so inhumane that its just sad. Every single one of you “kids” need to stand before Judge Duncan Culpepper, he’ll straighten your stupid selves out. WOW.. shame on you all.