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Gas Pump Skimmer Found In Hope Area

By Donna Potter, 03/27/17 10:09 AM

HOPE – A gas pump credit/debit card skimmer has been found Monday morning in the Hope area. All other stations in Hope have been checked, and this appears to be an isolated event.

Skimmers enable the enstallers to steal the cardholders’ information, stealing their information and often draining their accounts. Skimmers were recently found installed in pumps in both Nashville and Murfreesboro.

To avoid falling prey to skimmers, which often cannot be noticeable from the outside of the pump, you can:

  • Pay with cash or go inside the station to pay with a card.
  • Check to make sure the pump hadn’t been tampered with.
  • Use a gas pump closer to the station. Installers normally put the skimmers in pumps furthest from the station building.
  • Use a credit card instead of a debit card. Credit cards usually have more protection for the cardholder.


  • Jack

    Can you disclose the location where the card skimmer was found?

    • Donna Potter

      No; the owners have no fault here and I feel disclosing the location could adversely affect their business. The device has been removed and all area pumps have been checked.

      • davidinark

        Actually, the business owner of the establishment where this happened can be held at fault for fraudulent charges on credit cards. And, since they supposedly cannot pull specific information for that one pump, they could be held for ANY credit card fraud ever used at their station. But, that aside, there is no reason NOT to disclose the location of where this was found. And, just because things came up clean on this sweep, it does not mean other skimmers won’t be installed in other locations nearby. It is information the public should know.

    • Shannon Branden Parrish

      In the comments above it says the Exxon at wendys.

      • Donna Potter

        And, under that comments, Ms. Parrish, you’ll see that I stated that it was not.

  • Matt Cook

    Why not mark the pump as out of order then wait for the person to come get it?

    • Donna Potter

      Some of these devices enable the installer to just drive by with a smartphone and download the information.

  • Sam Smith

    i feel the where ever this was found the management or owners need to say where this was as it put their customers’ information at risk and they should cancel their cards…

    • Donna Potter

      As I understand it, that is being done now. They have a record of who bought what at that pump.
      My article was mainly a ‘heads-up’ for area residents. As all stations in the area have been contacted and checked by law enforcement, they’re aware and can take action to prevent this from happening again.

  • Kelsey Steed

    It was found at the Wendy’s Exxon…she puts every one else’s business on here I dont see why this would be any different.

    • Donna Potter

      Not this one.

  • James C

    Lol well Donna I heard the call go out on the scanner this am as I had my coffee and it was def Exxon Wendy’s

    • Donna Potter

      LOL! What you heard was an officer being sent there to check their pumps, just as they immediately did throughout the entire area…

  • davidinark

    This is ridiculous. You “reporters” will throw people under the bus without a second thought, but the name of the station where the skimmer was found? No… Seriously, don’t give up your days jobs – you’re not doing this one very well.

  • Joyce L. Fendley Wood

    I agree. It would be nice to know which station which I’m sure it’s been removed but still more information would be nice. I think the word is installers not enstallers….my autocorrect wouldn’t even let me type the latter word. I had to override it! You would think journalists would proofread. Proofreaders are indeed an extinct species I guess.