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Roadways Throughout Hempstead County Flooded

By Donna Potter, 04/11/17 6:00 AM

HEMPSTEAD COUNTY – Numerous roadways are flooded, washed out or collapsed Tuesday morning after a night of heavy rain.

State Highway 299, between Emmet and Interstate 30 is reportedly “collapsed”. Law enforcement officials as well as Arkansas Highway Transportation Department crews are on scene.

Hempstead 21 (Melrose Lane), Hempstead 54 and Hempstead 12 are all suffering weather-related problems. There may be more, as reports are just now beginning to come in.

Law Enforcement is also watching the underpasses on Hwy. 29 and on North Hervey, but it appears traffic isn’t impeded at this time.

The motoring public would be well advised to drive slowly and avoid any area that appears underwater.