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Miss Hempstead County Pageant

By Natalie Hood, 09/2/17 4:48 PM


HOPE- The 2017-2018 Miss Hempstad County Pageant was held Saturday, September 2 at the Hope Fair Park Coliseum. The pageant was hosted by the Epsilon Omicron Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi. The emcee for the event was Chad Morris, there was the total of four judges and the acountants scoring the girls on the beauty, best dressed, most photogentic, sportswear, personilty and interview. The morning competetion was for the younger contestests, and later in the afternoon the junior miss, and miss contests competed.

Baby Miss Hempstead County 2017; winning most beautiful, most photogenic, best dress, and best personailty; Sophia Simmons

Toddler Miss Hempstead County 2017; winning most beautiful, most photogenic, best dress, and best personailty; Natalie Brooke Otis

Tiny Miss Hempstead County 2017; winning most beautiful, most photogenic, best dress, and best personailty; Sawyer Burns  

Little Miss Hempstead County contestants; Brookelyn Bradley, Kenzi Burns, and Olivia Simmons.
Best Dress: Kenzie Burns
Most Beautiful: Kenzie Burns
Best Personailty: Olivia Simmons
Most Photogenic: Olivia Simmons
1st Runner up: Olivia Simmons
Little Miss Hempstead County 2017: Kenzi Burns

Petite Miss Hempstead County Contestants; Carley Garce West and Payton Hardee.
Best Dress: Carley Grace West
Most Beautiful: Carley Grace West
Best Personailty: Payton Hardee
Most Photogenic: Carley Grace West
1st Runner up: Payton Hardee 
Petite Miss Hempstead County 2017: Carley Grace West

Young Miss Hempstead County Contestants; Adison Miley, Emma Foster, and Tommie Sue Grigson.
Best Dress: Emma Foster
Most Beautiful: Emma Foster
Best Personailty: Adison Miley
Most Photogenic: Adison Miley
1st Runner up: Adison Miley
Young Miss Hempstead County 2017 Emma Foster

Talent Winner: Carley Grace West, siging a song

Talent first runner up; Jaidyn Simington, tumble and dance

Junior Miss Hempstead Contestants; Jaidyn Simington, Gracie Raelynn Gilbert, and Jaci Linn Johnson.
Eveing Gown: Jaidyn Simington 
Sportswear:Jaidyn Simington 
Most Photogenic: Gracie Raelynn Gilbert
Best Interview: Jaidyn Simington 
1st Runner up: Jaci Linn Johnson
Junior Miss Hempstead County 2017 winning a $100 prize: Jaidyn Simington

Miss Hempstead County 2017; winning evening gown, interview, photogenic, and sportswear; Anna Foster.

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