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The Bobcats go head on with the Rams

By Summer Wylie, 10/13/17 10:45 PM

Hope Bobcats Summit Field

Tonight, the Hope Bobcats traveled to Hot Springs to go head on with the Hot Springs Lakeside Rams. The game started off with the Rams taking an early lead with a touchdown and field goal (0-7). The ball was intercepted from the Bobcats on their first drive for the game. On the Rams second drive they scored again advancing their lead (0-14). The Bobcats defense held the Rams from scoring again in the first. The first half ended with the Rams holding a strong lead over Hope (7-42). The Bobcats started off the second half with the ball on their 20. Another touchdown for the Bobcats scored by Carter and field goal by Garcia (14-42). Hope was able to keep possession of the ball for most of the second half. The Bobcats were pushing hard to catch up to the Rams but fell short. The Rams did not score at all in the second half (23-42).