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Elections could be interesting this year

By John Miller, 01/3/18 1:25 PM

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PRESCOTT – This is an election year, most commonly called the mid-term election as it doesn’t include the presidential race.


Already the 2018 elections are shaping up to be interesting locally as all city and county officials are up for reelection. Both Prescott Mayor Terry Oliver and Nevada County Judge Mark Glass have expressed plans to seek reelection. Both will face challengers if they do run again. Rena Brown has announced her plans to run for mayor, while Mike Otwell plans to run for county judge.


However, early announcements mean little as the filing period is still six weeks away. Those interested in filing for office can do so between Feb. 22 and March 1. The preferential party primary is scheduled for May 22. This year, the primary will also include races for seats on area school boards as the Arkansas Legislature passed a law, signed by Gov. Asa Hutchinson, requiring school elections to be held either with the primary or general elections.


At least one seat on the Nevada County Quorum Court will have two candidates, as George Smith and Chris Fore plan to run for the position in District 8.


Those planning to vote in the primary and general election need to make sure they’re registered. Anyone not registered can do so at the Nevada County Clerk’s Office.




  • Sam Smith

    The incumbents are running scared. But what’s sad, they will be put back in office

  • Phyllis A Haynes

    I know I will NOT be voting for Mark Glass! His office hours are 9-12 – his secretary wife has the same hours, so if there is a issue and need to contact him – GOOD LUCK!! I cannot vote for someone who does not have the work ethic to STAY in his office from 9-4. He does not impress me in any way, shape or form.