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Drug Court holds celebration in conjunction with Mayfest

By Grace Leonhart, 05/31/16 12:02 PM

Mayfest #1

Above, Nikki Crowe is shown with her two children at Mayfest, held in Patmos earlier this month. Contributed Photo

PATMOS–May is National Drug Court Month and it has been celebrated through a variety of activities in conjunction with Mayfest in Patmos.

“The Hempstead/Nevada County Drug Court Program kicked off the month with a family-oriented, community-based picnic at the Patmos Community Park,” Teresa Pribilski, coordinator of the Drug Courts said. “The Drug Court Program, through a grant, was able to pay for the community event in conjunction with the third annual Mayfest Celebration at the park.”

Drug Court participants, their families, and the community came together to eat and to have an old-fashioned celebration. Kids’ games were a big part of the celebration, with three-legged races, sack races, and water balloons included in the fun.

The adults could not let the kids have all the fun, so they joined in the races and water balloons. Everyone was able to showcase their artistic abilities with the sidewalk chalk murals.

The Drug Court Program partners with Sandy Martin’s organic farm in the community of Patmos and the clients perform various community service projects in the Patmos community, including the farm.

The picnic was a way for the Drug Court Program to give back to a community for all the undertanding and generosity show towards the program.

“The Drug Court Program has become an essential part of Hempstead/Nevada Counties by offering treatment services in lieu of incarceration for those who suffer from substance dependence,” Pribilski said. “The program has demonstrated an excellent post-graduation success rate with the clients returning to continue their education and/or becoming employed on a full-time basis. More importantly, they continue to abstain from the use of drugs and alcohol after graduation, making the recidivism rate for Drug Court clients extremely low.”

“Our Drug Court program has been a game-changer for the people who are a part of the program,” Jason Johnson, assistant area manager of the probation program said recently. “You can literally see the difference it has made in their lives. There is a lot of work that goes into a successful program and the payoff is worth it.”

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