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Saratoga graduate served his country, then graduated

By Grace Leonhart, 06/2/16 8:07 PM

okay reunion--the stones

SARATOGA–The 31st annual Okay-Saratoga reunion was a time to reflect and reminisce, but for one grad, the remembrance was bittersweet.

Gene Stone, who resides in East Texas now, was supposed to graduate with his class in 1946, but felt the call of duty to serve his country.

“I quit school at 16, in my freshman year,” Stone said. “I joined the Navy and served in the submarine service.”

When his stint on the Navy was finished, Stone came back to Saratoga and graduated in 1947.

He and his wife Bobbie moved to West Texas for work. He began working for Greyhound Bus Lines and worked for them for 34 years, and drove a tour bus after his Greyhound employment.