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Hawkins charged for speeding, fleeing

By NCSO website, 05/3/17 10:12 AM


PRESCOTT – On Monday, May 1, at approximately 10:39 pm, Sgt. Steve Otwell was conducting stationary radar on US Highway 67, just North of the Emmet city limits. While conducting stationary radar, Sgt. Otwell observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. Radar located inside of Sgt. Otwell’s vehicle confirmed the suspect vehicle¬†to be traveling 95 miles per hour in a posted 55 miles per hour speed zone.

Sgt. Otwell activated his emergency lights in attempt to stop the suspect vehicle for speeding. The suspect vehicle never acknowledged Sgt. Otwell’s presence, and never slowed their speed. The suspect vehicle passed a civilian vehicle on top of a hill as the pursuit entered the Emmet city limits.

The suspect vehicle continued traveling through Emmet at speeds of approximately 100 miles per hour. After entering Hempstead County, the suspect vehicle passed yet another motorist on a hilltop. At the time, Sgt. Otwell was able to get close enough to the vehicle to identify the license plate of the vehicle

The Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office was notified the pursuit had entered their county, as the vehicle continued traveling toward the Hope city limits. Once entering the city limits of Hope, the suspect vehicle was traveling at approximately 75 miles per hour. Upon approaching the intersection of 3rd and Hervey, the suspect vehicle ran through the stop light at approximately 70 miles per hour.

The suspect vehicle continued on US Highway 67 until reaching South Washington Street. The driver then made a left hand turn onto South Washington, and proceeded to the parking lot of the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center. The suspect vehicle came to a rest at the intake area of the Hempstead County Detention Center, where the driver then exited the vehicle and attempted to make entry into the jail area. The suspect was then taken into custody with the assistance of the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office and the Hope Police Department.

The white male was later identified as Michael Shawn Hawkins, 45, from Prescott.

Hawkins was transported to the Nevada County Detention Facility by Investigator Jeremy Hendrix.

Michael Hawkins was charged with speeding and felony fleeing by vehicle, Hawkins is being held for first appearance out of Nevada County Circuit Court.