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Boozman Statement On President Trump’s Cuba Policy Announcement

By Donna Potter, 06/18/17 3:21 PM

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-AR) released the following statement in response to the changes in U.S.-Cuba policy announced today by President Donald Trump:

“I share the President’s desire to see democracy take hold in Cuba, as well as his commitment to ending human rights abuses carried out by the Castro regime. However, a return to embargo-like policies is the wrong approach. We ran this play over and over again for fifty years and the results have not changed.

By rolling back reforms that have benefited U.S. citizens, everyday Cubans and our economy, we are taking a step backward, not forward. It would be more effective to continue an open line of communication and working relationship with a government in need of democratic assistance, instead of shutting them out. Through this approach, we not only trade goods, but ideas. The two go hand-in-hand. I will continue to work with my colleagues to promote policies that help the U.S remain competitive and create jobs at home, while pushing for human rights and democratic change in Cuba.”image

  • cowboy

    “while pushing for human rights”. do you consider the living unborn innocent, helpless, babies that are being slaughtered, like a bunch of hogs daily, human beings? I again ask you john boozeman, when are you going to start trying to get these organizations that take our taxpayer money to fund their abortion agendas, such as planned parenthood etc. defunded, I don’t want a penny of my money going to these people that are cold bloodedly slaughtering these helpless, babies. we will all answer for what we do in this life. I certainly hope you WAKE UP to real life and put on the mans pants someday. p.s. I voted for you and I don’t like you ignoring these innocent helpless babies that cant speak for themselves. JESUS SAVES