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Card Skimmer Identity Theft Reaches SW Arkansas

By Donna Potter, 03/2/17 5:37 PM

imageSOUTHWEST ARKANSAS – The widespread crime of credit/debit card skimmer identity theft has reached Southwest Arkansas.

The use of these internal devices, being found inside gas pumps and ATMs, has been reported in both Nashville and Murfreesboro. At least four cases were reported at Nashville’s Road Mart and at least twenty cases at the C-Stop in Murfreesboro.

The devices, which are readily available online, can be installed in the host machine in minutes. Once installed, the thief simply has to drive by the machine and download the information. That credit information can then be sold, often to counterparts in foreign countries.

This type of theft has been seen predominantly in bigger cities and along Interstates for years and many stations affected have installed high-tech anti-skimmer use, more reports from smaller towns, who may not have the higher security equipment, are now being reported.

The best way to protect yourself is to pay inside the store for gas purchases and always check your card statements for any unusual activity.

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