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Charged with stealing scrap metal

By Kevin McKinnon, 09/19/12 10:00 AM

Alvin Phillips

A Hope man was arrested while allegedly attempting to sell stolen scrap metal back to the same company he stole it from.

Alvin Phillips, 19, was charged with Commercial Burglary Tuesday morning when the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Department says he returned to L & W Scrap Yard in Hope to try to sell items he allegedly stole from the business the day before.

He was taken tot he Hempstead County Detention Center where he was awaiting a first court appearance.


  1. he's a couple of fries short of a happy meal.

  2. Common sense is not so common these days.

  3. now dats dumb ass hell dey just ant going to learn it just don't make no since need to take his ass to skool n learn something…

  4. Christy Diane Black says:

    Boy, what a GENIUS….

  5. Buddy Ayers says:

    Dumber than two bags of rocks!

  6. Holly Lamb says:

    his stupid ass won't ever learn lmao

  7. Real smart there buddy! We have a winner…lol.