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McCaskill family escapes house fire

By Kevin McKinnon, 09/3/12 7:20 AM

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A McCaskill family escaped safely as their home and cars were destroyed by fire early Monday morning. When the fire at 4203 Highway 371 was called in around 5:20 a.m., it was reported that two people were trapped in the burning two-story home. Those people, one of which was a child, were able to escape unharmed.

At home at the time of the fire were homeowner Barry Dalhover, 62, along with a 54-year-old woman, a 30-year-old woman and a 9-year-old girl. They lost all their belonging in the fire.

Firefighters from McCaskill, Blevins and Bingen were called to the blaze. Two ambulance units from Pafford EMS arrived, but the people that escaped from the fire signed refusals for ambulance transport.

It didn’t take long to bring the fire under control but the structure and two cars parked next to it were a total loss.




  1. Thank God they escaped unharmed.

  2. Glad they are ok..was it anyone I wouldve known?

  3. I don't know who it was. It was that old two story house that has been there for years!

  4. Liz Hill says:

    Omg.. I am so sorry to hear about this! The man came n visited with Robert & I for awhile. I think he did some work on one of his vehicles. The lady, I don't remember her name. but she was Joe Postalwait's sister. They moved here from Arizona or California somewhere way off.. Really nice family. Sadden. Thank the Lord they are ok.

  5. Angela Cantu says:

    Anywhere people can donate to the family? Need to know sizes and things like that…


  7. Tracie Hurt says:

    Their house was a total loss. I will post clothing and shoe sizes asap. This family is going to need everything. If you can share my post later Liz I would appreciate it. Thanks!

  8. may god be wit this family….

  9. JuLez Soloparati says:

    please post sizes, I have clothes and shoes etc that might be needed <3 sending prayers!

  10. Tracie Hurt says:

    Childrens: Jr girls size 14. Shoe size 7 1/2.
    MENS: clothing, pants 32×30, medium shirts, shoes size 8.
    WOMENS: clothing, pants and tops 18-20, bra sizes 38 DD and 40 DD, shoes size 8

  11. JuLez Soloparati says:

    i have mens 34×30's for sure and ill look thro all the rest that i have maybe if they are a little big i have a sewing machine we can take them in. plz inbox me and let me know if it will be fine <3

  12. Dusty Neimeyer says:

    From experience…They need to go to their Local American Red Cross, Jr Charity Leagues and believe it or not but second hand stores like goodwill (they put things up for these reasons). These places helped my family considerably!