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Woman accused of assault with jar of screws

By Kevin McKinnon, 02/7/13 8:00 PM
Cynthia Malozzi

Cynthia Malozzi

A jar of screws was allegedly used in an assault as two friends ended up on the floor wrestling over disputed possessions.

Hempstead County Deputy Michael Braddock was called to 283 Hempstead 148 Wednesday morning where he discovered Cynthia Malozzi and Minnie Shaffer on the floor wrestling over a jar of coins.

Shaffer claimed that Malozzi was her friend but the two had been in an argument that led to an assault after Malozzi allegedly was taking things that didn’t belong to her.

Shaffer says the argument started over some towels, a jar of screws and a jar of coins that both women claimed to own. Shaffer says that Malozzi took the jar of screws from her hands, stepped back and threw it at her striking her int he lower neck area. She says that’s when the two women went to the floor wrestling over the jar of coins.

Deputy Braddock placed Cynthia Malozzi, 64, of Hope, under arrest for Domestic Battery Third Degree and transported her to the Hempstead County Detention Facility.